From April 18th to 21st, CSDN participated in the KubeCon+CloudNativeCon Europe 2023,which is held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. from around the world. CSDN collaborated with over 10,000 engineers and developers  worldwide, aiming to promote the development of open source ecosystem.


KubeCon+CloudNativeCon is renowned as the largest open source event in Europe. CSDN promptly caught up with the latest advancements in Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies, engaged in exchanges on open source practices and the application of cloud-native technologies with major global tech companies. All the participating enterprises explored the best path for the development and construction of the open source ecosystem during the conference.



Figure 1: CSDN Team @KubeCon



Figure 2: KubeCon exhibition hall site


CSDN has long been devoted to the construction of open source technology and developer ecosystems, actively promoting the integration of open source technology and developer ecosystems. Besides that it also assisted more developers in participating in open source, contributing to open source, and creating open source projects, thus promoting the development of the open source ecosystem.


Currently, CSDN has launched the open source code hosting platform GitCode, which provides free services such as source code hosting, project management, DevOps, security scanning, and security monitoring for the Chinese open source ecosystem. It has also introduced the open source tool platform InsCode, which created a new collaborative open source community that integrates programming, creation, and sharing for developers, empowering the learning and growth of open source talents.


At the same time, CSDN commits to promoting developer learning, practicing, using, and creating open source technologies through both online and offline activities. For example, CSDN has created an open source knowledge base, organized various open source events, planned the open source-themed section "Open Source Roundtable" and held annual open source conferences.


CSDN prioritizes developers and aims at creating a gateway for developer tool productivity, working together with outstanding global open source projects, open source enterprises, organizations and developers to build a large ecosystem for open source developers.


About CSDN:

CSDN is a globally renowned Chinese developer community. Adhering to the mission of empowering 100 million technical professionals, CSDN facilitates the growth of developers and technological enterprises and provides comprehensive services for the developer ecosystem. With the belief that everyone is a developer and every household is a tech company, CSDN strives to create a gateway for developer tool productivity and jointly build technology ecosystem in China.